Jan 242012
Passing this on to all of you in case any of you are interested in attending
the Seal Beach Senior Patriots Against War (SPAW) peace vigil in front of
Leisure World tomorrow afternoon (Weds. Jan. 25th) at 5PM to honor Phyllis

Phyllis was a truly amazing woman... a true patriot and a fierce peace
activist.  I admired and respected her very much.  I love the way SPAW will
be honoring her in this manner.

Kathy (Code Pink OC)

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From: Stevin Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 7:18 PM
Subject: Phyllis Solomon

Dear Senior Patriots, It is with extreme sadness that I convey to you that the heart and soul of the Senior Patriots Against The War, Phyllis Solomon, died this morning. Those of us who knew Phyllis, and the heroic sacrifice she made toward making this a more peaceful planet, can honor her best by participating in our demonstration tomorrow, (Wednesday) in front of the Main Gate at 5:00 PM. In my opinion, there could be no finer tribute to this indominal force, now silenced, Phyllis Solomon.

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