Feb 192012

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Subject: Tomorrow: Plan mtg.for occupy fundraiser 7pm reminder
From: mfso-oc

Just a reminder that we are having a short meeting tomorrow night, ( Monday) 2/20) 7PMat Carrow’s Restaurant in HB to get rolling on our plans to raise funds for Occupy LB, OC and Santa Ana

Carrow’s is right off the 405 and Magnolia and Warner. 16931 Magnolia Street, Huntington Beach see you at 7PM

Pat Alviso & Jeff Merrick

Military Families Speak Out

Orange County & South Bay Chapter



Support Our Troops

Bring Them Home Now!

Take Care of Them After They Get Home

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Feb 012012

Dear Orange County

This Saturday, February 4th, a Day of Action against War with Iran will help send an important message that we don’t want and can’t afford more war! take action in your community and mobilize against this escalating conflict. Actions are already planned around the country, please join an event already planned(list here) or organize your own action! This call is initiated by World Can’t Wait, part of the UFPJ national network!

There are several reasons to oppose a war or military strike with Iran, the main being we do not need another Iraq! Yet the U.S. has already begun harsh economic sanctions that will destroy the Iranian economy, and the lives of millions of Iranians through depriving them of food, medicine and electricity.The crash of U.S. surveillance drone are flying over Iran, is a violation of its sovereignty and something not to be taken lightly. 3 U.S. carrier groups are right off Iran’s shore. We are building up for a potential strike!

Take Action Here!

Will we allow another U.S. war based on lies? No!

No War With Iran! No Sanactions on Iran! No Intervention in Iran!

Visible street protests and other events and outreach will happen in many places, including around the world: in Ireland at Shannon Air Base (forward base for NATO); in London; in Dacca, Bangaldesh; in Calcutta and other cities in India. Will you take action in your city?

Michael McPhearson
UFPJ National Coordinator

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