Apr 212012
OC-RAP participants
We have rescheduled the leafleting at Katella HS to Friday, May 4, 7am.
That’s the earliest that Seniors will be back to regular bell schedule.
Thanks.  Any questions, pls reply to me, BMartin125@comline.com or call Al, 949-492-0571.

Attention All Anti-imperialists:
Help the OC Recruitment Awareness Project buzz Anaheim’s Katella H.S.
Thursday morning, April 26 at 7am.
We’ll be leafletting
“Do You Know Enough To Enlist?”
For more information
Contact Al White at 949-492-0571
or Betsy Martin at bmartin125@comline.com

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Apr 102012

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Subject: NEXT SATURDAY: Great American Write-In, April 14 at the Delhi – Make Your Voice Heard!
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 14:48:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: womenforoc@aol.com
To: WomenForOC@aol.com
Please spread the word!

Join us at the 27th Annual
Great American Write-In!

   Sponsored by Women For: Orange County
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