Oct 042012
The Orange County Peace Coalition is joining with like-minded groups
marching in Los Angeles this weekend (Saturday, Oct. 6, noon,
Hollywood and Highland, LA) to call for an end to the war in
Afghanistan and the illegal use of killer drones.

"To protest the continued imperialist wars, and the assaults on our
communities to fund them, we will march to shut down the Hollywood
Military 'Career' Center on the 11th anniversary of the invasion of

Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition and sponsored by more than a dozen
peace and justice groups, marches will be held in Los Angeles, San
Francisco and other cities.

Most of us will be taking the metro train and we encourage
participation of individuals, families and affiliated groups. What a
great way to teach civil participation and responsible engagement!

For those who live around Long Beach and want to meet at the Willow
station near Lakewood meet at 10 am.

For those in Orange County who want to join us on the metro train,
here is the schedule:

We will be taking the #661 Metrolink which arrives at the
San Clemente Pier at 8:34 a.m.
San Clemente at 8:37
San Juan Capistrano at 8:46
Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo at 8:51
Irvine at 9:00
Tustin at 9:06;
Santa Ana at 9:12
Orange at 9:17
Anaheim at 9:21
Fullerton at 9:29
Buena Park at 9:36
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs at 9:44
(Remember to allow enough time to buy your ticket and be ready to jump
on the train - they don't stop long.)

We will arrive at Los Angeles Union Station at 10:30 a.m. where we
will transfer to the Redline, taking the train to Hollywood and
Highland (one stop past Vine).

The return trip leaves from Union Station (#664) at 4:40 p.m after the
march. This is the last Metro train returning south for the day, so it
will be important to be on board.

To make this, we need to take a Redline from the end of the march no
later than 4pm (earlier is better).  The ride lasts about 21 minutes,
and we'll need time to get from the Redline to the Metrolink trains
inside Union Station.

It looks like we can get a weekend pass for $10 and that allows us to
make transfers, as well. I hope that is correct. If someone knows for
sure, can you please verify this information?

We will be carrying our Orange County Peace Coalition banner and maybe
the "Drones: Nothing Personal" painting that we used at the OC Fair.
Wear orange or green, if you can.

Please join us for a day exercising our rights to free speech!

Call Karen Riggs at (714)604-3300
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