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OC May Day Coalition Platform 2013

We stand together under the same sun to proclaim, “Another world is possible without borders.” We believe that the Earth is the free territory of the Human Family. We have the right to live amicably, peacefully, ecologically sustainably, responsibly and in free association. We have Universal Human Rights, including peace, education, health care, housing, culture, food, water, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and freedom to organize.

We are a broad Coalition of organizations and individuals based in the local community which uses consensus to make decisions. We call ourselves the Orange County May Day Coalition because we both inherit the legacy of and work in ways similar to the General Strike ofMay 1, 1886. This historic movement won the 8-hour workday which we now  enjoy and was a diverse, horizontal coalition of people from many industries, cultures and nationalities.

Migration We have freedom of movement under International Law. Additionally, we live in an age marked by a fundamental imbalance of power expressed in global migratory policies. More freedom of movement is granted to capital than to labor. While products and banks can move throughout the globe with ease, human beings cannot. These policies generally cause the forced separation of families, the obstruction of gainful employment, the criminalization of large sectors of the global workforce and extensive human suffering. We must stop the deportations and sweeps immediately. Accordingly, we demand full legalization for all global workers, and the abolition of all policies that criminalize migration. Specifically, cities inOrangeCounty and throughoutCalifornia routinely and smugly strip safe drivers of their vehicles under the pretext that they don’t have licenses. Of course, these same drivers are simultaneously denied the opportunity to renew and/or apply for their licenses under post-1993California law. We want Sanctuary Cities inOrangeCounty and the restoration of families ripped apart by migration sweeps. We demand an end to the criminalization of people looking for work. Specifically, the cities ofOrange andCosta Mesa have passed anti-day laborer ordinances (9.37 and 10-354, respectively) with the intent of denying people of color, often migrants, access to the economy. We stand in solidarity with the Corners of Resistance of the Asociación de Jornaleros deOrange and the Asociación de Jornaleros deCosta Mesa.

Solidarity We understand that an attack against one is an attack against everyone, that no one is free while others are oppressed. Therefore, we want strong, democratic, participatory labor unions. We support the struggle of janitors in OC to secure a living wage for their work. We are the 99% of the global population in resistance against the policies of the 1%. We join in the Coalition of Immokalee Worker’s industry-wide demands for living wages for tomato pickers and an end to slavery in the fields. We stand in solidarity with Muslims, publicly attacked by local council members. We stand in solidarity with undocumented students, day laborers, unlicensed drivers, the homeless, the displaced, the uninsured,  and the unorganized workers. We oppose all racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and Islamophobic attacks against our community.

Education We demand our right to universal, public and relevant education. We want passage of the DREAM Act for all students to be able to graduate and find gainful employment. We oppose attacks on Ethnic Studies inArizona. Education must be inclusive, accessible, and representative of the needs of the community it serves. We need a coherent system from Kindergarten through doctorate programs. We oppose the current tuition hikes. We are concerned about the corporate dominance of education, seen in the underfunding and privatization of schools.

Housing Housing is a basic human right. We want affordable housing. We oppose gentrification of our communities. We oppose the massive evictions of home owners through bank foreclosures, and the criminalization of homelessness.

Culture We have the right to practice our respective cultures. We want to define our own cultures on our own terms. We reject corporate attempts to commodify and privatize culture and imperialist attempts to exterminate, criminalize, marginalize and/or assimilate indigenous cultures.

Peace and Prison We have a right to peace. We condemn all wars of aggression, military occupations and other Crimes against Peace. We stand in solidarity with the peoples under U.S. and U.S.-supported occupation and demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops, reparations for these harmed peoples and respect for their self-determination. We want the withdrawal of U.S. troops as well as private contractors/mercenaries and settlers. We demand the demilitarization of civil society, especially the U.S.-México border zone. We oppose the military incursions and aid packages that typically accompany extractive economic policies. We oppose the violent eviction of Occupy Movement encampments in the U.S. and the general ability of police to kill, beat and rob civilians with impunity. We oppose the prison industrial complex, unilateral gang enhancement laws and sentencing minors as adults. We oppose racial profiling. Specifically, we demand justice for Jesús Arturo Aguirre, a local minor who was unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment as an adult.

Health and Ecology We believe that all people need health care. This should be available to every human being. We believe that all humans need drinkable water at a time when 1.4 billion people are without this most basic resource. We oppose the privatization, denial and unsustainable squandering of water. We believe that all productive activities should generally be ecologically sustainable, and we stand in solidarity with the future generations. We want a healthy environment and preventative health care. We respect the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to maintain their unique relationships to sacred sites and resources from their ancestral territories. We want healthy, fresh, locally-produced food and more functional public transportation. We oppose the displacement of small farmers by neoliberal trade policies and the corporate agriculture subsidized by the ecological destruction caused by the massive damming and diversion of waterways. We live in a time and a place calledOrangeCounty where oranges travel fromBrazil and bottled water travels fromFiji. We need to cut global warming gases and seriously address the increasing anthropogenic dangers upon humanity. We need the restoration of ecological balance.

Rights and Corporate Citizenship We believe that human beings have more rights than fictional business entities. We oppose extending citizenship to corporations. Additionally, we oppose the recent Citizens United decision, which grants unlimited corporate intervention into the electoral process. We live in an era where transnational corporations have full citizenship, while it is flatly denied to millions of humans. We believe that basic human rights, such as water, food, culture, education, peace and health are rights, as opposed to services. Services can be bought and sold, negotiated or denied, and therefore are an inappropriate  designation for human needs. We put people and the planet over profits. ₪

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