Urgent Petitions


1.)     After nearly a decade of war and occupation waged in our name, it is
odd that it apparently fell on a young Army private to provide
critical answers to the questions, “What have we purchased with well
over a trillion tax dollars and the deaths of hundreds of thousands in
Iraq and Afghanistan?” However, history is replete with unlikely

If Bradley Manning is indeed the source of these materials, the nation
owes him our gratitude. We ask Secretary of the Army, the Honorable
John M. McHugh, and Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, General George W.
Casey, Jr., to release Pfc. Manning from pre-trial confinement and
drop the charges against him.


2.)    Let President Obama know that it’s not too late to make good on his
original promise to close Guantánamo and to shut down the un-American
and illegal policies that it embodies. Ask him not to issue the
proposed Executive Order, which would continue Guantánamo, not close


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