Dec 112011
Yesterday at the OCPC meeting at the Occupy OC Irvine locale, we were
informed that the support being expressed to the Irvine City Council
to leave Occupy Irvine in place has dropped from 3-1 in favor to 3-1
against.  Apparently this is due to the unconstitutional police
crackdown and shutdown of the Occupy locations in other cities.

Irvine has done a shining example of how to address the issue of our
First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and petition the
government for a redress of grievances.  It would be a sad day when
this example is shut down due to the volume of the noisy opposition
who want us all to just shut up and go back to our lives and let the
big money interests run us the rest of the way into slavery, fascism
and everything else this country used to be against.

Here is the email address of the City Council of Irvine:

Take a few minutes to send them a note of support for the Occupy
OC/Irvine encampment in front of City Hall.  Praise them for their
support of the fundamental values expressed in our country's
Constitution, Bill of Rights and their support for our rights in
allowing the occupation to continue.

We can be the leaders in this if we express our support.  I have.  Will you?
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