Sep 182011

Defense attorneys Lisa Holder, Jacqueline Goodman, Tarek Shawky, and Dan Stormer presented their closing arguments. Ms. Holder pointed out that the students were being criminalized not because of what they did but because of who they are and what they said; “you cannot divorce the content from the conduct,” she stated. It is apparent that the students are being attacked by the DA for the messages they were conveying.

Yesterday, prosecution attorney Dan Wagner claimed that a person’s right to “free speech is not absolute.” Yet today he stated the ’11’ were being tried because they encroached upon that “uncertain” right to free speech that Ambassador Michael Oren also held.
As Ms. Holder mentioned, the jury “will be the body that separates democracy from creeping fascism.”

Santa Ana Courthouse, room C1 (second floor up the escalators)
700 West Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92703

We really need you all to come out for this, if it wasn’t important we wouldn’t be making events and asking you everyday to come out. But seriously folks, your presence there is very important. The last thing we want the jury to see before they go to deliberate is the irvine11 along with a courtroom full of irvine11 supporters. That can only be done if you are physically present! So please come out and get your friends to come as well.

Press conference will begin around noon by the flagpoles outside the courthouse.

For parking: There are $2 and $3 all day parking on Van Ness, just take a right and drive down the street if you are Civic Center Drive. DON’T park in the parking structure because it is too expensive! There is $5 all day parking on the street after Van Ness where the shoe shine shop is.

Don’t let the irvine11 stand alone. This is something they have had to deal with for over 1 1/2 years now, we asking for just a few hours of your time. If you don’t speak for the Eleven, who will speak for you?

Thank You!

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